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Data Marketing & Business Consulting


The more you know how your clients behave, the better you will develop a loyal relationship and the more your company will grow.

At Atypic, we are shaking up the traditional approach of Customer Relationship Management. We believe that a key component of successful enterprise stems from making an informed use of qualified data and that good data tracking should be should be available to all. 

Driven by passion and led by Digital Data Evangelist and marketing expert Pierre Stanghellini, the mission of Atypic is simple, but one previously unavailable in the industry; to arm our clients with a professional CRM tool that synchronises with their systems and expertly and economically manages these with a view to generating long term revenues. 

“We take a client’s data, decipher it and integrate into a client’s solution. Every business has data that is unique to their practice, but analysing and crafting this into a bespoke and strategic response, where the outcomes of marketing activities can be tracked, is integral to elevating good business.”

In partnership with IT and Digital solutions developed in-house, Atypic provides over 20 years of expertise to deliver customer-centric strategies that lead to and help your business to stand out.




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Areas of Practice


Are you welcoming guests into your venue, but have no information on their behaviours?

Atypic can help you actively collect qualified data in a way that aligns with your branding using a mixture of IT and tactical actions. In no time, you’ll have generated a database of customers and followers in which to proactively engage with. 


Struggling to see the results of your marketing campaigns?

There’s another way to analyse the link between your initiatives and actions and their impact upon KPIs. Let us show you how. 


Is your sales team focusing on fruitful business leads?

We can assists in optimising the efficiency of internal teams via way of time management, prioritising, portfolio monitoring and win rate increments.


Seeking fresh insight or totally new to the marketing game?

The Atypic team are not. We exist to guide you and your team through all stages of your project from conception to realisation. 


Can’t see the results of your PR agency’s actions or social media partnerships?

In partnership with GHC Asia, we have developed innovative PR activation tools that makes targeted campaign monitoring and observing their subsequent results seamless. We make PR investments accountable and the results understandable. 


Not certain how or where to find new business prospects?

Leads always exist, sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes to find them. We’re here to co-develop growth strategies with impact to improve your win rate. 


What is your database interacting with and why?

Together with our systems, let’s analyse what’s been created, how it’s been received and whether or not it’s leading to both loyalty and revenue.


Who is HARI?

He’s the cool new system in the CRM space - the ultimate program that really lets you track and increase the revenue generated from your marketing activities. It took us a while to create, but we did it.  


Permission Marketing … turns strangers into friends and friends into lifetime customers


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